• Who we are

    we are a community of practitioners and creatives dedicated to offering mindfulness and mental well-being
  • What we do

    with over a decade of experience, we guide and empower industries to position themselves strategically in wellness
  • How we do it ..... with love

    through research, strategy development, project management, curated workshops, retreats, and personalized online sessions.

Aligning with wellness and mindfulness goes beyond just meeting societal expectations.

It's a strategic business advantage.

Key Advantages

Wellness Positioning

Exhale helps you establish your property as a leader in the wellness industry by curating high-impact wellness retreats and securing partnerships with renowned wellness experts, we elevate your brand's reputation. Our strategic approach positions your property as a go-to destination for guests seeking premier wellness experiences, setting you apart as a wellness leader.

Positive Brand Image

Exhale curates comprehensive wellness programs that align with your brand values, enhancing the guest experience and reinforcing a positive brand image. Through our well-intentioned wellness practitioners and life coaches, we ensure high-quality, authentic wellness services. Our strategic marketing insights and materials highlight your wellness initiatives, showcasing your commitment to guest well-being and positioning you as health-conscious

Positive Company Culture

Through programs that promote mindfulness, stress management, and team bonding, we help cultivate a cohesive company culture. Additionally, our leadership training sessions on wellness and mental health ensure that wellness becomes an integral part of your organization.

Longer Stays and Repeat Visits

Exhale organizes immersive short stays and long stays wellness retreats that encourage guests to fully experience your programs. By continuously gathering guest feedback on wellness offerings and making improvements, we ensure a high level of satisfaction and likelihood of return visits.

Employee Well-being and Productivity

Exhale arranges regular on-site wellness services such as yoga, meditation, sounds healing, drama therapy and more... directly contributing to employee well-being. We provide access to mental health resources and stress management workshops, helping employees manage their mental health effectively. Our initiatives promote a healthy work-life balance, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Engage Conscious Consumers

By advising on and implementing sustainable practices within your wellness programs, we help attract environmentally conscious guests. We create personalized wellness experiences tailored to the specific needs and preferences of health-conscious travelers, ensuring a memorable and engaging stay.

Market Differentiation

Exhale introduces innovative wellness concepts such as drama therapy, floating sound healing and heat-based therapy workshops, helping your property stand out in a competitive market. We develop exclusive signature wellness programs that are unique to you, giving you a distinct market advantage.

Businesses need to engage. But how?

of employees say events, like war, economic uncertainty, and acts of violence impact their mental health at work

of companies either have or plan to start well-being programs

of Gen Z ( born after 1999 ) would switch jobs for better mental health support

Founder’s Story

Nawal El Masri

Founder & Wellness Strategist

MSc Neuroscience & Psychology of Mental Health | Licensed Mental Health First Aid

Nawal El Masri is a force of compassion, dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on humanity. Her journey began at Unilever, but it was her leap into entrepreneurship with the founding of exhale that truly set her apart.

Driven by her own battles with Mental Health, Nawal turned her pain into purpose, creating a platform that tackles mindfulness and mental health head-on. Her story has graced the covers of leading publications, and her collaborations with renowned brands have made waves across industries.

In Nawal's story, we find not just inspiration, but a call to action—a reminder that our struggles can fuel our greatest triumphs, and our purpose lies in lifting others as we climb.